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Kochazhikathu family in Myladumpara

Mr Kurien who did everything for his future needs in Konthitta, but in the mean time there was an uncontrolled flood in the river Kallada thus everything lost and left the area and gone to a nearby hilly area called Myladumpara in the same year .  In this small place he met  four more neighbours  who reached from the  central travancore area. I take this opportunity to mention their names here.  They are  Mr. Geevarghese from Aranmulla, Mr. Mathunny and Kutty both brothers from Venmony, Mr. Pathrose from Kallumkal.

Mr. Mathunny has handed over the plot to Mr Kurien  which he was made survey for himself for his settlement .  Meanwhile he made his hut  near the houses of  Mr. Mathunny and Kutty.  There also Mr Kurien faced bad days. His wife Mariamma  died due to snake bite when she fall down in the  well  accidently.  It made Mr. Kurien's life more horrible there, but he believed in Christ and everything put on the shoulder of  Jesus Christ and continued the days.

Welcome to the home pages of Kochazhikathu.com

Welcome in the name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on this occasion for dedication of this website Kochazhikathu.com and Home Pages of Kochazhikathu Family  an ancient Suriyani christian family in kerala , India spreaded  inland and abroad.



       "Go ye in the world  and preach the gospel to every creature"   Mark  16: 15   (from the Holy Bible )

Inspired by this command of Lord and saviour Jesus Christ St.Thomas one of the  12 disciples of Jesus Christ came to Kerala, India  in AD 52  and a new faith of christianity convinced by the devine power possessed by this foreign monk.  Four prominent Brahmin families accepted the new faith and were baptised  by St.Thomas himself.  From them the new faith of christianity spreaded all over the continent.





-Origin of the Family

The family who accepted the new faith moved towards south and  settled in Central Travancore area and they spreaded all over the  places in Chengannur, Tiruvalla , Pathanamthitta and near by areas.

This Kochazhikathu family formed in Mazhukkir a place near Chengannur and most of this family members are still living there, and some are again moved to south.

Mr Kurien, one of the youth of this  family moved to south again and reached  the northeastern part of Kollam district.  The place  known as " Konthitta " in between  the places of 12 Muri and Panthaplave in the bank of River Kallada  now in Pattzhy village, Pathanapuram taluk with his  wife Mariamma and his four children Abraham, Chacko, Samuel and a daughter Mariamma in the year 1924 (Kollavarsham 1099 , the malayalam year) 

Family and denominations

 The four prominent Brahmin families accepted the  Christian faith  are  Kalli, Kallikavu, Pakalomattam and Sankarapuri.   From them the new faith of christanity spreaded all over the continent. 

Our  Family members belongs to most major christian denominations like Marthoma, Jacobite, Orthodox, St.Thomas Evangelical, Catholic, Knanaya Jcobites and catholic,  and different types of Penthecostal  churches. It is the  grace of the almighty  God, and  Saviour Jesus Christ  that  keeps this  great family  in his wings where ever they are.